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First Aid at Work Re-qualification – Two Day (12 hours) HSE Compliant Course

Once first aiders have completed an initial Three Day First Aid at Work course, they’ll always have a good base knowledge of first aid. When their certificate is close to expiring, this two day course is a fast track through everything they covered the first time around. It’s still packed with plenty of practical, so they can renew confidence across a range of scenarios, injuries, illnesses and conditions.

Loved by:

First Aiders whose First Aid at Work certificate is about to expire, and still have a good understanding of first aid, but need to fine-tune their knowledge and re-boost their confidence!

We won’t waste time – and do go at a bit of a pace, but we promise we’ll have your skills back up to scratch in a jiffy!

Even if we didn’t provide the initial training, we can still requalify you on this course as long as your certificate is valid.  You will need to provice a copy of your certificate prior to commencing the course.  If your certificate has expired, get in touch with us to discuss options.  We will support you in requalifying.

We’ll cover:

  • Emergency Actions
  • Child, Baby & Adult Basic Life Support (CPR)
  • Child, Baby & Adult Choking
  • How to use a defib (AED)
  • Head, Neck & Back Injuries
  • Asthma, Panic Attacks, Drowning & Fumes
  • Unconsciousness & Recovery Position
  • Heart Attacks, Shock, Electrical Shock & Anaphylaxis
  • Bleeding, Wounds & Burns
  • Injuries to the Bones, Muscles & Joints
  • Concussion, Seizures/Fitting & Diabetes
  • First Aider Responsibilities
  • Plus lots more!

Great to know

  • This course is also Health & Safety Executive (HSE) compliant.
  • Each delegate will get a qualification certificate which is valid for three years.  Deligates are able to attend the HSE recommended annual update training between re-certification courses.
  • Each delegate will also get a free workbook, and a copy of user-friendly manual ‘The Good First Aid Guide’ to keep.
  • This course is a fun and interactive workshop, with lots of time for practice and questions.
  • There are no formal written tests.  We assess each candidate through practical continuous assessment and verbal responses to questions throughout the course in a relaxed and non-threatening way!

Course cost is from £120 per person.  Group rates and special discounts are available.

This price includes all training materials, registration, assessment and certification fees.