Are there any pre-course requirements?

Each of our courses may have individual pre-course requirements.  These will be specified in the course brief and stipulated propr to booking.  Some courses, such as re-certification courses, may require the candidate to provice current valid certification before being accepted onto the course.

Other courses may require the candidate to have a prescribed level of skill to attend.  The onus will be on the candidate to ensure they have that required level of skill before booking.  If in doubt, the candidate must contact Arbour Training to discuss requirements prior to booking.

How do I book a course?

To book onto any course, the client or their representative must contact Arbour Training directly.  We do not promote or accept any bookings carried out through third party booking sites.

Where are your training locations?

We have our dedicated training centre located in Kilmore Village, Crossgar where we hold a number of our courses.  We have complementary on-site parking for our customers.  This should be requested at time of booking to guarantee availability.

We will travel to a training location of your choice to deliver training at your request.  You will be responsible for any additional venue hire, parking and travel expenses associated with the training package.

Can I amend a course date?

We at Arbour Training understand that sometime the best laid plans can become unravelled through ilness, injury or family emergencies.  We are able to discuss options for appropriate course ammendments in exceptional circumstances.

Arbour Training reserves the right to cancel and/or amend course dates, times, contents and venues. Every effort will be made to give the customer as much notice as possible and offer a reasonable alternative. See our cancellation policy for further details

What are the payment options?

Our payment options are, in our opinion, the most convenient options available to our customers.  We are able to accept cash, bank to bank transfer and card payments.

Our card payment invoice option is the most popular due to our ability to accept credit card payments.  Upon receipt and confirmation of your course booking request, we will send a course  invoice via e-mail.  You are then able to click and pay online at your convenience with your preferred card to our secure payment portal.  Our electronic invoice will set up a payment due by date with automated reminders set to send followup reminders once the due date passes.  Our customers have said this reminder is an excellent feature should they forget to pay their invoice.

Deposits and payment of balances.

When booking, either the full amount chargeable or deposit will be invoiced depending on the course.  All invoices will have a due by date.  Arbour training reserve the right to levy a late payment fee if individuals/companies who have been provided a service do not settle debts by the due date. 

For corporate or multi-person bookings, we can discuss the invoice options available.

How do I get my certification?

Any certification is issued after the course either directly to the candidate or to the course point of contact.  We will endeavour to issue certificates in a timely manner as soon as possible after the course and only after any outstanding invoices are paid.

Arbour Training reserve the right to interpretate and ammend any of these above points as they deem necessary.