Arbour Training are Professional Firearms Law and Legislative Consultants who offer firearms specific training courses.

We are currently working to provide firearms training classes as soon as permitted to do so.  We will update here and social media once classes are permitted to start.

These are some of the classes we will be offering once permitted to do so.

  • Straight wall metallic cartridge reloading principles
  • Rifle grouping and zeroing
  • Rifle coaching
  • Introduction to dynamic handgun Shooting
  • Introduction to dynamic mini-rifle shooting
  • Safe shooting in the field – Shotgun
  • Safe shooting in the field – air rifle
  • Safe Shooting in the field – rimfire rifle
  • Safe shooting in the field – fullbore rifle
  • Pre-DSC1 preparation
  • Pre-DSC1 rifle coaching and field shooting tuition.

As our courses go live, the links to the relevant course will become active.