What is IPSC?

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is a “practical shooting” or “dynamic shooting” sport association.  IPSC can be divided into  pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun and Action Air shooting disciplines.  Competitors are divided into different divisions within each discipline based on the firearm and equipment they are using.

Practical Shooting?

Practical shooting or dynamic shooting is where a participant:

  • shoots at a target then moves
  • moves then shoots at a target
  • shoots at a target while moving

This shooting sport is fun and can lead to a healthy competitive side emerging from most participants.

What is Action Air?

Action Air is a  discipline within IPSC that uses 6mm airsoft guns instead of real firearms.  This division of IPSC proves quite popular in various parts of the world as participants do not need to possess firearms to partake in the sport.  Action Air is primarily for airsoft handguns, and enjoys popularity in countries where civilian ownership of firearms are restricted.  Action Air is also used in many countries as an affordable and easily available training tool because there is no need for a shooting range.  Action air competitions can, for instance, be held in a sports hall/gym or other suitable location.


Action Air, as with most sports,  has rules to assist participants understand the sport and to enable them to compete against other participants in a fair and measured way.  

If you are an android user, a downloadable app version of the rules, designed by “The Digital Developer”, can be found here.  Arbour training knows the developer of this app and had input into its design.  Arbour Training recommend this app as an easy to use alternative to the .pdf version which is linked at the bottom of this page. 

Interested in Action Air – Contact us to get started.

Arbour Training provides introduction and training for dynamic shooting disciplines.  If you are interested in Action Air and would like to give it a go, get in touch with Arbour Training for our upcoming training dates and webinars.


If you do not wish to download the free app, the Action Air rules .pdf can be found here.